Are psychics real or fake? That’s the million-dollar question. Certainly, there are some charlatans out there. Hoax psychics willing to trade lies for cold hard cash. But does that mean that no one has psychic abilities?

Or are there real, true psychics mixed in with the frauds?

Perhaps a better question to ask is: “Are some psychics real?”

Well, before we attempt to answer that question, let’s look at the evidence:

Is There Proof of Psychic Existence?

Put simply, yes, there is proof of psychic existence.

For millennia, people have known that psychics exist, because they have witnessed their abilities. And even today, there are psychics who are able to amaze their customers with their uncanny ability to predict the future, contact the dead, or offer clarity about past events.

But what about scientific proof?

Well, it is difficult to find conclusive scientific proof psychics are real. After all, like all spiritual occurrences, psychic abilities are mysterious and difficult to test for.

However, there are some scientific studies that support their existence.

Most famously, the celebrated psychologist Daryl Bem published the results of nine experiments, involving more than 1000 participants, which showed significant evidence for precognition and premonition.

And many other studies have supported Bam’s claims.

OK, so there is anecdotal and scientific evidence to support the existence of psychic ability.

But, is it possible to get an authentic psychic reading online?

Do In-person Psychics Give Better Results Than Online?

In today’s busy world, many people turn to the convenience of online psychics.

And why not? Online services mean that you can be connected to your psychic of choice with just the click of a button.

But are online psychics real?

Well, just like those that work face-to-face, some online psychics may be frauds. But that doesn’t mean that all online psychics are fakers.

And for real psychics, physical distance is no barrier to giving a successful reading.

In fact, you might actually be more likely to receive an accurate reading online. For that reason, we have compiled a list of reputable psychics online. And if you want to find reliable psychics that are also inexpensive, this article will help you with that.

You see, some fake psychics use your expression and body language to tell you what you want to hear. And this is much more difficult online than it is in person.

But what if you want to become psychic yourself? Is it possible to learn psychic skills? Let’s find out:

Can You Learn Psychic Skills?

Well, yes and no. For many psychic abilities, you need an innate talent. But if you have this innate ability, your psychic skills can be developed through practice over time.

And there’s good news for all you would-be psychics out there: many people have psychic abilities that they aren’t even aware of.

But don’t despair if you find that you don’t have psychic abilities. There are some divination skills, like tarot card reading, that can be learned by anyone.

Now, whether you think you might have a psychic ability, or you are interested in visiting a psychic for a reading, it can be useful to understand how they work.

How Do Psychics Work?

There are two main ways in which a psychic can work. Let’s take a look at them now:


Intuition is a catch-all term for psychic ability that doesn’t rely on tools or equipment.

Because intuition is based on natural psychic ability, it cannot be learned. It can, however, be improved through practice.

Divination Tools

Whilst intuition is ability without tools or equipment, many psychics also choose to use divination tools in their search for knowledge.

Based on ancient wisdom from all around the world, these tools are methods through which psychic readings can be performed.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular divination tools used by psychics today:

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 illustrated cards, each with a unique meaning. They are used to reveal information about a person’s past, present, and future.

It is possible for a person without a psychic ability to learn to read tarot cards. However, some people believe that natural psychics are better able to interpret the results.

Ancient Rune Stones

Ancient rune stones use runic symbols painted on small stones or tiles, which are used to tell a person’s fortune.

This is done by gathering the runes in a bag and tipping them onto the ground whilst asking a question.

Each rune has multiple meanings and the stones that land run side-up are used decipher the answer to the question.


Crystal ball, wands, and stones can all be used in different ways to divine answers to questions, and predict the future.


In numerology, significant numbers, (like date of birth, and the number of letters in a name), are used to tell a person’s fortune.


Astrology is the study of stars and planets, and how they impact a person’s life.

OK, so we’ve looked at the different ways in which psychics work. But are there different types of psychics?

Well, yes. So let’s take a look at them now.

Different Types of Psychic

As well as having different tools at their disposal, there are many different types of psychics in the world.

Occasionally, these types of psychic overlap. And each psychic’s abilities are unique to some degree.

But in order to understand the psychic world, it is useful to explore the general abilities of each kind of psychic.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most common types of psychics in the world today:


Empaths are highly sensitive people who have the psychic ability to feel what another person feels.

This is an incredibly useful superpower to have, as it allows the psychic to pick up on distress signals that may otherwise be missed.

However, empaths often do not realize that they have a psychic ability. And this can prevent them from learning to control their powers.

And, because many empaths abilities are uncontrolled, they may find that they become distressed or overwhelmed by the feelings of others.

So, if you find that you pick up on other people’s moods and emotions (even if they are hiding them behind a smile), it is worth doing some research about how to manage your abilities.


‘The Clairs’ is a catch-all term for different types of psychic abilities that relate to the senses.

Each of the Clairs is different. And whilst some psychics possess just one of these abilities, others may have two, three, or even all six:


Clairvoyance means ‘clear vision’. Psychics capable of clairvoyance are able to see events that happen (or have happened) in the past, present, or future.


Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’. People with this psychic power can ‘hear’ information using their minds. This can take the form of a conversation with a spiritual guide, or it can involve hearing events that happen (or have happened) in the past, present, or future.


Clairsentience means ‘clear feeling’. Like empaths, a person capable of clairsentience has the ability to feel what another person feels.

However, unlike empaths, they may sense feelings that have happened in the past, present, or future.


Clairalience means ‘clear smelling’. This ability allows a person to smell odors that are not physically present. For example, they may smell burning in an area where there was once a great fire, or they may smell a deceased person’s favorite perfume.


Clairgustance means ‘clear tasting’. This ability gives the psychic the power to experience tastes that aren’t physically there.


Claircognizance means ‘clear knowing’. People capable of claircognizance have the ability to know things without being told. This may be used to predict the future, understand the past, or to gather information about the world as it is today.


Genuine psychic mediums have the ability to contact the spirit world.

Best known for contacting the dead, mediums often act as messengers between the living and their deceased loved ones. But mediums do not only contact human spirits. They may also be able to communicate with non-human entities like angels, spirit guides, and even pets.

Because their abilities are so highly sought after, many people ask the question “are psychic mediums real?”.

And that is an important question. After all, there are plenty of frauds willing to take advantage of a person’s grief in order to line their own pockets.

But, there are also many accounts of psychic mediums who are able to prove their abilities by giving information that only a deceased person could know.

OK, but if there are lots of real and fake mediums out there, you might be wondering how to find a real psychic medium.

Well, proven psychic mediums usually have a tonne of reviews, so be sure to read as many as possible before you part with any cash.

Dream Interpreters

Dream interpreters have the ability to understand the psychic messages within a person’s dreams.

Although it is possible to learn to interpret some dreams yourself, a psychic dream interpreter is able to use their skills to uncover more information than the average Joe.

What to Look Out for When You Are Visiting a Psychic

OK, so you’ve decided to visit a psychic. That’s great!

Real psychics can help you find answers to questions, and they can help you to find clarity in your life. But it is important to be cautious…

Beware of the dangers of seeing a psychic

Now you might not associate visiting a psychic with danger. And we are definitely not saying that psychics would do anything to hurt you…

But whilst you might not be in any physical danger, a reading can be an emotional experience. And that means that it pays to be prepared.

Remember, a good psychic won’t just tell you what you want to hear.

So, it is important to only ask a question if you are sure that you want to hear the answer.

And don’t forget to factor in time to relax after your reading: you are likely to have a lot to think about!

But, whilst visiting any psychic can be an emotional experience, there is a bigger danger that you should be aware of:

And the biggest danger to people seeking psychic readings are frauds.

You see, fraudulent psychics are more than just disappointing, they can be harmful too.

And that’s because a fake psychic can give you bad advice. Advice that can harm your future, rather than improving it.

Scary, right? Well, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to spot a fake psychic:

How Do You Know if a Psychic Is Real?

Whilst it is difficult to find proof that psychics are fake, there are some ways to sort the real psychics from the frauds.


If you are using an online service to book your psychic reading, be sure to choose a reputable company.

Look for a provider that screens their psychics, and if possible, choose one that offers a money-back guarantee.

And whether you are booking an online or face-to-face consultation, be sure to read reviews.

You see, psychics that are real have happy clients. And that means that they are happy to share their reviews with potential customers.

So if a psychic has negative ratings, or you are unable to see any reviews at all, proceed with caution.

But even if you do your research, it is still possible to end up having a reading with a psychic who is less talented than they’ve led you to believe.

So, before you are left wondering: “Should I believe what a psychic told me”, let’s look at some of the key signs that your psychic is taking you for a ride:

Generalized claims

The easiest way to spot a fraud is to listen to the things psychics say, and how they say them. Starting with generalized claims:

Generalized claims are things that could apply to many people, like “I can see that you have lost someone in your family”, or “I can see that you have had ups and downs in your life”.

Of course, a psychic may follow up on their generalized claims with something more specific. And in that case, they are probably legit…

But wait for the specifics before you commit to believing what they have to say.

Fishing for information

Some frauds convince people that they are legit by fishing for information.

This involves asking leading questions and basing their ‘reading’ around what you say.

The best way to avoid a psychic from fishing for information is to limit the amount of information you share.

Giving the game away with your body language and expression

Sometimes, fake psychics are able to convince us that they have real abilities by reading these involuntary behaviors.

So, try to keep a neutral expression during your reading. And consider using an online psychic for extra protection from body language reading.

Vague answers

Like generalized statements, vague answers can give the impression that a fake psychic is conducting a real reading.

So, look out for answers that could apply to anyone and ask for clarification if needed.

OK, so we’ve established that some psychics are real. And we’ve looked at how to spot a fraud. But, can psychics make mistakes?

Let’s take a look:

Can Psychics Be Wrong?

Whilst it’s tempting to believe that a real psychic is never mistaken, it is important to remember that they are only human.

And, like all humans, they can get things wrong.

They might interpret a sign in the wrong way, or misunderstand a message.

But does that mean you shouldn’t trust them?

Well, no. It just means that you shouldn’t blindly follow their advice, or take their words as the gospel truth.

Always remember that whilst a psychic can guide you, your decisions are still your own.

So, we’ve covered the evidence for psychics, and we’ve explored the different psychic abilities out there.

All that’s left to ask is:

Can Someone Really Be Psychic? 

Well, here at Crystalgazer, we believe that many people have psychic abilities.

But of course, not everyone agrees… And if you are still interested in a real psychic reading, you can find more offers here.

So, let us know what you think in the comments!

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