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Are you drawn to the world of psychics? Do you find yourself staring longingly at tarot cards, or wondering if your gut instincts are more than lucky guesses?

Well, maybe it’s time to think about developing your own psychic powers.

And from meditation to good ole’ fashioned practice, there’s plenty of psychic exercises that can help you to learn how to tune into your psychic abilities.

Now, don’t forget, your psychic journey is unique. So, don’t worry if your progress is slow.

But, if you find that a technique doesn’t work for you, feel free to move on to the next psychic development tool. Don’t forget to check out a list of psychic powers and abilities which can help you decide which ability you want to focus on.

OK, let’s start with the easiest method of developing psychic abilities, and move our way up:


You probably already know that meditation is good for you. After all, it helps reduce stress and promotes emotional health.

But did you know that meditation can also help with improving your psychic abilities?

You see, spiritual energy vibrates at a high frequency. And by meditating, you increase your own energy and become more attuned to the psychic world.

But that’s not the only way meditation can help you with strengthening psychic abilities. It can also help you to understand yourself better too. And that kind of self-knowledge is ideal for opening your psychic abilities.

So, how do you practice meditation for psychic abilities?

Well, to begin, try meditating for 10-15 minutes each day. Once you are comfortable, you may want to increase this to 30 minutes. And if you find meditating difficult, try a guided meditation like this one on YouTube:

Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation Connecting with Spirit Guides & Psychic Abilities

OK, so you’ve committed to meditating daily, what’s next?

Practice Psychometry Skills

Psychometry is the ability to read the energy of an object. And, for many psychics, psychometry is one of the easier skills to learn.

But it can still take practice. And that means that, if you’ve never tried to develop your psychic abilities before, you might not even know you’re capable of psychometry.

So, if you want to know how to develop psychic abilities fast, try:

Choosing an emotionally charged object, like a wedding ring or favorite Teddy Bear

Then, hold the object in your hand and close your eyes

Next, try to relax your mind

And finally, see if you can intuitively see, hear, taste, or feel anything about the object’s owner

As you increase your psychic ability, you should find that you are able to learn more from the objects you touch. So keep practicing!

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

If you are interested in finding your psychic ability, your spirit guides may be able to help. In fact, they might be the key that shows you how to unlock your inner psychic powers.

But contacting your guides can be difficult… At least to start with.

You see, to speak to your spirit guides, you need to be open to their specific energy. And that can be hard for a novice psychic who is only just exploring their psychic gifts.

So, what can you do? Well, many people find that they are more receptive to their spirit guides whilst meditating. So, wait until you are in a deeply meditative state, then ask your guides to reveal themselves.

You may have to do this a few times before you are successful. But once you meet your guides, you can begin to ask them questions. Also, contacting spirits is more a skill that mediums possess and we have a guide on how to become a medium as well.

OK, so what next?

Practice Giving Readings

If you want to know how to hone your psychic abilities, you’ll need to know how to channel psychic energy towards specific individuals.

And that means you’ll need to practice giving readings.

Now, whilst you are training, it is important that you are honest with your clients. And that means telling them that you are in the process of strengthening your psychic ability and your reading may not be 100% accurate.

Before you start giving readings yourself, it can be helpful to experience a reading from a professional psychic through some of the top psychic sites. You may even find a way to talk to a psychic for free.

But, once you have found someone to practice on, you should find that your abilities strengthen and improve.

But practicing on real people can be daunting. So, is there an alternative?

Practice Reading Old Family Photos

If you don’t feel ready to practice on a person, don’t worry. There are other ways of strengthening psychic abilities-Like reading old family photos!

You see, photos allow you to connect with a specific person’s energy. And this makes it a great way of tapping into your psychic ability, all without reading someone face-to-face.

So go ahead, dig out some old family photos and concentrate on the images they contain… You never know what your psychic intuition will show you!

But, how do you keep track of your strengthening psychic ability?

Keep a Journal to Be in Touch with Yourself

When you are improving your psychic awareness, it is important to keep track of your developments.

You see, learning how to tap into psychic abilities can be a slow process, and it’s important not to let yourself become disheartened.

And by keeping a journal, you can easily see how far you’ve come.

So, try to write down every win, no matter how small. And when you’re feeling like you’ll never know how to use psychic abilities, take your journal out and remind yourself how far you’ve come.

But that’s not the only way that journaling can help in your psychic learning process:

Keep a Journal About Your Dreams

If you are wondering how to get in tune with your psychic abilities, try keeping a dream journal.

You see, strictly speaking, we can’t learn to be psychic. All we can do is learn how to bring out psychic abilities that we didn’t know we had.

And that is why dream journaling is so useful- it helps us to tap into our subconscious. And our subconscious knows the answer to questions like “what is my psychic ability?”.

So, keep a journal by your bed and fill it in as soon as you wake. That way, you can access the wisdom of your subconscious, before the memory of your dreams disappears.

And, depending on your abilities, you may even find that your dreams contain visions of the future or messages from the other side.

But what if you want some help with how to be a psychic?

Join a Spiritual Development Circle or Join a Class

When you are learning how to enhance your psychic abilities, it can help to find people to share your journey with.

Spiritual development circles and classes are the ideal places to find likeminded people. And they offer the opportunity to learn from experienced psychics.

But beware of courses that sound too good to be true. If a circle or class offers to show you how to become psychic instantly, they are probably lying.

So, in order to protect your psychic development, it’s a good idea to check a class’ reviews before you commit (especially if it’s paid for!).

But what if you’d prefer to practice with someone one-on-one?

Practice Telepathy with a Friend

Practicing telepathy with a friend is great for your intuitive development. In fact, it’s one of the best psychic development exercises out there.

To start:

Find a friend you trust

Pick a quiet space free of distractions

Then, take it in turns to think of a word

Finally, the ‘receiver’ should try to telepathically read what the word is

Now, don’t worry if you struggle at first. Developing telepathy takes time.

So, if you want to increase psychic ability, try to find the time to do this as many times as possible.

But what should you do when your abilities grow stronger?

Learn How to Control Your Abilities

As your abilities develop, you might find that you struggle to turn them on and off.

This can easily lead to burn out. So, after you’ve learned how to unlock your psychic powers, it’s important to find methods to shut them down.

To do this, you could try:

Controlling your breathing

If your psychic abilities kick in at a bad time, try taking deep breaths. This can help ground you and bring you back to the physical world.

Speak to your spirit guides

Your spirit guides can do more than help you to heighten psychic abilities. They can protect you too. So, if your gifts are becoming overwhelming, ask them to give you some breathing space.

Listen to music, watch TV, or read a book

By distracting your mind, music, TV, and books can help you to temporarily turn off your psychic abilities.

But what if you want to know how to increase psychic abilities, rather than turn them down?

Eat High-vibrational Foods

If you are struggling with how to develop your psychic abilities, or have found that the tips above don’t work, you might need to look at your diet.

You see, some foods are good for psychic development. Whilst others block your spiritual energy instead.

In fact, if you are wondering:

How to get in touch with your psychic abilities or how to regain your psychic abilities, changing the food you eat could be the best thing you ever do.

Now, there are lots of different diets that aim to raise your vibrations. But the most important thing to remember is:

Junk food = low-vibration

Fresh food = high-vibration

And, the good news? Your body will thank you too!

Now, what’s next?

Practice Seeing Auras

Practicing seeing auras is a brilliant way to train to be a psychic. But it can be a difficult skill to learn.

To try, have a friend stand in front of a plain white background. Then step back and focus on their forehead area.

After a while, you should begin to notice hazy colors surrounding them. But if you are having difficulties, try half closing your eyes or turning your head to the side. Some people find that they are better able to see auras through their peripheral vision.

Visit an Antique Store

Antique stores are wonderful because they are filled to the rafters with energy. After all, everything inside an antique store is old. And that means that they have had a long time to soak up vibrations.

And that makes them the ideal place to practice psychic ability.

So, wander around. Pick up anything that calls out to you, and feel that energy. If you’re lucky, you might even find that you rewarded with visions of bygone eras.

Read Psychic Books and Articles

Psychic books and articles can be a great resource when you want to know how to find your psychic abilities.

And the great thing is, there’s so much choice.

So, whether you want to know how to develop your medium abilities, or are more interested in tarot cards, there is a book or article for you.

Just head to the library, or get online!

Right, what’s next?

Make a Symbol Book

OK, so sometimes the spiritual world isn’t the most literal place. And that means you might receive messages through symbols.

Now the meaning of some symbols, like those found on tarot cards, can be learned. But others are unique to you.

So, to understand how to tap into your psychic intuition, you’ll need to learn what different symbols mean to you.

To do this, try asking your guides to show you symbols for different events. For example, your symbol for love may be a heart, or it could be a warm feeling in your chest.

Once your guides reveal a symbol, write it down in your book so you can look back at it later during readings.

Now, speaking of readings:

Learn to Listen Attentively to People

If you want to develop intuitive abilities development, it’s important to consider how you listen to people.

You see, whilst it’s important to listen to what people say. The things they don’t say can be just as important.

And this will be essential is you plan to give readings.

So, take note of the silences. And be sure to ask follow up questions if you think your practice client is hiding their true desires. Remember, the more you know about the person you are reading, the more you can help them.

OK, so we’ve covered quite a lot already, but is there anything else you should know about training psychic ability?

Develop Your ‘Clairs’

The six Clairs are specific abilities relating to the senses. And if you been working on how to be more psychic, you might have already realized that you have one, or more of these skills.

But to understand your psychic powers and how to develop them, you’ll need to practice each Clair in turn.

So, let’s have a look at how you can do it:


Clairvoyance means ‘clear vision’. So to improve your clairvoyant abilities, try to empty your mind and ask your spirit guides to show you a vision. Read more about clairvoyant psychics.


Clairaudience is the gift of ‘clear hearing’. So to practice this gift, concentrate on what you can hear. Check out what it means here.


Clairsentience means ‘clear feeling’. So to improve on this skill, try to tune into what others are feeling. Learn more about its meaning here.


Clairalience is ‘clear smelling’. So to improve this skill, concentrate on what you can smell.


Clairgustance is the gift of ‘clear tasting’. So to improve on this skill, try to concentrate on what your taste buds are telling you.


Claircognizance is the gift of ‘clear knowing’. So to explore this ability, practice trusting your inner self.

Once you have completed the steps on this list, it’s time to test your newfound abilities:

Test Yourself

Testing your psychic abilities is a great way to see how far you’ve come.

So why not enlist the help of friends and family?

How you test yourself is down to you. Maybe you’d like to offer them a reading? Or perhaps you’d prefer to have them think of a word whilst you use your abilities to correctly guess it.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to keep testing yourself. And that’s because it’s the best way you can continue to develop your psychic abilities. This way you may even land a psychic job.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start developing your psychic abilities.

And don’t forget to tell us how you get on in the comments!

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