Online psychic readings are popular for many reasons: Some people want to learn about their future. Others choose to engage a psychic because they have questions about their love life or career.

And that’s not all, there are also lots of different types of psychics to choose from. 

Now, the best type of psychic for you depends on what you hope to learn.

So, why might you want to talk to a psychic medium online?

Well, mediums are able to use their psychic abilities to connect with the spirit world – learn more here. And that means that they could help you connect with a deceased loved one.

But, as much as we would all like to check in with loved ones on the other side, it’s important to note that medium readers can’t force a spirit to come through. 

This means that you should only consider a medium reading if you are sure that you are emotionally ready for a potential disappointment.

So, if you are ready, here are some of the best places to find psychic medium advisors online:

Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic sites on the market. And with 3 free minutes available each time you try a new advisor, you are sure to find the best online psychic for you.

But do they offer psychic medium readings online?

Yes! Kasamba has plenty of online mediums to choose from. And you can even get free readings from mediums using their 3 free minutes offer.

Keen is a platform for independent psychics. And that means that their screening process is much less vigorous than other providers. However, they do offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if your initial reading is unsatisfactory, your next one will be free!

But do they offer online psychic medium readings?

Of course! Keen offers a wide range of services, including spirit readings.

Ask Now is a well-trusted site that has some great offers for new users. Plus, you can access a free daily horoscope just by going on their website!

But do they offer medium spiritual readings?

Absolutely,  Ask Now is a great place to find a medium reader. And, using their introductory offer, you can even get a short free spiritual reading (minimum spend required)!

Psychic Source is one of the longest-running psychic reading websites in the industry. It has a wide variety of psychics to choose from. And each of their psychics has been rigorously screened for quality.

But can you talk to psychic mediums via their service?

Of course! Psychic Source is home to some of the best online mediums around. And with 3 free minutes available to new customers, you could get a free psychic reading (but remember, you’ll need to purchase an introductory package first!).

Hollywood Psychics is a relatively expensive service compared to some of the other options on this list. However, whilst this is not the right place to find free mediumship readings, they do have introductory rates for new customers (currently $1 per min). And they offer a free horoscope love match!

But can you talk to a medium using their site?

Yes! Hollywood Psychics have a good range of mediums on their books.

Psychicoz has been around since 1989. And with so much experience, it seems like they really know what they are doing! Plus, their advisors are all fully vetted before they can begin working with customers.

But do they employ spirit mediums?

Absolutely! Plus you can get a short free medium reading by making the most of their 3 free minutes for new customers offer (remember, you’ll need to purchase minutes to make use of this offer!).

California Psychics are serious about their screening process. Each new advisor must pass a 4 stage screening process. And, since only around 2 out of every 100 advisers are approved, you can be pretty confident that the medium you speak to is accurate.

But do they offer psychic medium readings?

Yes! And, even though you can’t get medium readings free on this site, their introductory offer makes them an affordable choice. offers customers the opportunity to speak with psychics via webcam. This is perfect for people who want to see and hear their psychic during their reading… but introverts might prefer to use a service with text-based options.

OK, but do they offer psychic medium readings?

Absolutely! And since some of their advisors offer 1-3 minutes free, you could get a medium psychic reading free of charge (terms and conditions apply).

Psychic Contact offers customers a wide choice of psychic readers, all for the same flat price of $5.99 per 7 minutes. However, their pricing is relatively high compared to others on the market.

But is Psychic Contact a good place to find psychic mediums?

Yes! Psychic Contact has lots of psychic mediums ready to help you contact the spirit of your loved ones.

The circle is an established psychic service that has been operating since 1997. They have psychics with a range of specialties and claim that all of their advisors are tested by a ‘rigorous monitoring procedure’.

But do they offer readings with psychic mediums?

Of course! In fact, The Circle employs many talented psychic mediums.

Now, before you decide to book a reading, you probably want to know whether mediums are real, right? Let’s look at the evidence:

Are Mediums Real?

There is no simple answer to this question: science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of mediums.

But we do know that many people believe that they have genuinely contacted their deceased loved ones during a medium reading. And we have an article completely dedicated to the topic about psychics being real or not which you can discover in this article.

So, are you still interested in booking a reading? Great! So we’ve looked at ten great options for finding an online medium reading. But once you have chosen your preferred service, how do you decide which medium to use?

Let’s take a look:

Online Medium Reading Buying Guide

If you are confused about where to start when choosing a medium, you’re not alone. After all, each service has lots of advisors to choose from, and narrowing down your search can quickly become overwhelming.

Luckily,  we are here to help!

So, grab yourself a drink and settle in whilst we look at how to choose the best psychic for you. First, let’s consider your budget:

Step 1: Set out a budget (and stick to it!)

Look, we get it, the opportunity to speak to the spirit of your most cherished loved one is something many people would give a leg for.

But no psychic medium is able to guarantee that an individual spirit will connect.

And this means that, whilst it is tempting to pay for an expensive reading, doing so will not necessarily give you better results… but it may just leave you out of pocket.

So, make sure that you plan ahead:

  • Decide how much you are willing to pay
  • Create a shortlist in your budget
  • And set a timer so you don’t spend longer on your call than you can comfortably afford

There are also cheap psychic readings online you can research more about and also those which offer free readings for beginners.

Pro Tip: Make use of introductory offers to get short spiritual readings free of charge!

Step 2: Decide whether you would prefer your reading by phone, video, or chat

Most psychic services allow you to filter their advisors based on their communication methods. Remember, you want to be comfortable during your medium reading, so choose whichever method works for you.

Also, don’t forget to check which payment methods they accept as there are, for example, medium readers that let you pay by PayPal and using other payment methods.

Step 3: Check out customer reviews

Contacting the spirit world is emotionally taxing, so it is important that you find a psychic medium who is:

  • Talented
  • Trustworthy
  • And who will help you to feel relaxed during the process

Now the very best way to find a psychic medium that meets these criteria is to read reviews. Are most customers happy with their reading? Or are the reviews a more mixed bag?

Try to choose an advisor whose reviews are good to maximize your chances of connecting with your loved ones.

Bonus: If you would like a celebrity medium to give you a reading, you can find more information in this article.

Step 4: Make your final choice!

By now you should have a fairly narrow shortlist. Now comes the exciting part!

Look at the advisors on your list, does anyone stick out to you? If you’re not sure, try reading their profiles for more of a sense of their skills and personality.

Then, it’s time to enjoy your reading!

Have you ever had a medium reading? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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