Calling all introverts! Does the idea of speaking to a phone psychic fill you with dread?

Well, we have some good news: with the following 5 services, it’s possible to get a psychic reading by text message instead.

That’s right, you can have psychic reading without the need for any awkward small talk, using nothing more than your cell phone or computer.

Interested? Great!

Let’s look at some of your options: is one of the most popular psychic sites on the market. And for good reason.

They have a huge range of psychics to choose from, all with profiles and reviews clearly displayed.

Plus, they offer a variety of different readings including tarot cards, astrology, dream interpretation, fortune telling,  career forecasts, numerology, and more.

But the reason they make this list is their user-friendly chat service. Using their real-time chat platform, you can text a psychic using your smartphone or computer.

And if you’re looking for even less interaction, you can even email your queries to your chosen advisor.

Kasamba readings – full review

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Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic networks around. They have a wide variety of psychics to choose from. And each of their psychics has been rigorously screened for quality.

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source lets you speak to a psychic via live chat. This means that you can get that reading you’ve always wanted without picking up the phone.

Plus, each psychics profile and reviews are easy to find, and that gets a thumbs up from us!

Psychic Source readings – full review

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The circle has been around since 1997 and they claim that all of their psychics are tested by a ‘rigorous monitoring procedure’.

They offer a range of psychic specialties, including mediums, angel readers, and clairvoyants. And their services are available via live chat- perfect if you don’t want to speak to someone over the phone.

Plus you can check out as many profiles as you like before you commit to buying. Don’t forget to check individual psychics reviews before you decide who to message!

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Like the previous providers on this list, Meet Your Psychic offers a range of psychics to choose from, and you can read their profiles and reviews before making a purchase.

However, it is a little different from the other providers on this list because they don’t believe in charging per minute.

Instead, you pre-pay for readings in blocks of 10 minutes. These minutes don’t have to be used for phone calls, you can live chat with their advisors too.

But, whilst this method of payment can make it easier to stick to a budget for your reading, it can work out a little more expensive if you only have one simple question to ask.

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Psychictxt is a service designed with introverts in mind. Unlike the other services on this list, they only offer text readings.

To use them, simply download their psychic text app and purchase credits- according to their website, your first text message is free.

So, is there a downside?

We’re afraid so.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you get much information when choosing a psychic at The profiles are a little vague, and we couldn’t see any reviews for individual advisors.

Plus the reviews on the app store are a mixed bag. Some reviewers report waiting a long time for a response from their psychic, and others claim to have had money taken from their accounts without their consent.

Because of this, we strongly advise that you proceed with caution, if you are considering using this site.

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OK, so that’s 5 providers to choose from, but how do you choose the best psychic text service for you?

Let’s take a look:

CrystalGazer’s  Guide for Choosing a Psychic Text Reading

If you’re new to the world of online psychics, you might be wondering how psychic texting actually works.

Do you just text a number from a website? Or is there more to the process?

Let’s find out:

How Do Text Readings Work?

Well, whilst each service is different, text readings don’t usually happen through your phone’s text service.

Instead, they generally operate via online chat systems or apps. And this is actually a good thing. You see, it means that individual psychics do not get access to your phone number, and you’re not charged any additional fees from your phone provider for using the service.

So, once you’ve sent your first message, how long will I wait for a reply?

Well, this varies between providers.

But as many services use a live chat function, you could receive a message back within moments of hitting send.

And what should I expect once the psychic messages me back?

Depending on the service you have chosen, the messages you receive may contain general answers to your question. Or they could contain something specific like a tarot card reading.

During your chat, the psychic may also ask you questions via the text app, and you may also have the opportunity to ask some follow-up questions.

Then, when your reading is complete, you simply end the chat.

OK, so that’s how psychic text readings work, but are they accurate?

Are Text Psychic Readings Accurate?

“Can psychics really connect with us just through our written words?”

“Don’t they need to at least speak to us on the phone?”

These are common questions that many people ask when considering an online psychic reading.

So, what’s the answer? Can psychic text readings really be accurate?

Well, many psychics claim that they can connect with a person’s energy using only a text message. And according to some reviews, text-based readings can be just as good as speaking to a psychic over the phone.

Impressive, right?

We think so. But in order to make sure that you find a psychic capable of accurate psychic text readings, be sure to read reviews.

After all, even if some psychics can provide readings by text, not every person claiming to be a psychic online is legitimate.

And when your searching for a trustworthy psychic, text reviews are the best place to start.

But is there a way to protect yourself from fraudulent psychics, even once your reading has begun?

What Information Should I Share with My Psychic?

To get the most from your reading, it’s important that you’re honest. But that doesn’t mean you should give your psychic too much information to work with.

You see, fake psychics are notorious for fishing for information to use in their readings. Whilst real psychics are much more likely to offer you random tidbits of information that help convince you of their talents.

So, whilst it’s fine to tell your psychic why you want a reading, try not to give specific details. Instead, speak in vague terms about your situation. 

Pro tip: Always remember, no true psychic will ever ask for more money to prevent a tragedy or lift a ‘curse’. So, if your reader tries this tactic, stop the chat immediately- it’s 100% a scam.

OK, what’s next?  Well, no one wants to be ripped off. So, let’s look at whether psychic text services are safe:

Are Psychic Text Services Safe?

Are you worried about your credit card details or personal information being leaked if you use a psychic service?

Well, here at CrystalGazer, we think it’s smart to be cautious.

You see, whilst there are plenty of legitimate services that take their customers’ privacy seriously, there may be some scams out there too.

So, what should you do?

  • Check out any service before you give them your personal information
  • Read online reviews
  • Read the website’s terms and conditions
  • And trust your gut. If something feels ‘off’, choose a different provider
  • Use trustworthy payment methods such as PayPal, there are psychic websites where you can use PayPal

As long as you follow these steps and do your homework, you should be safe to enjoy your reading.

OK, so we’ve looked at what a text reading is, and how to stay safe. But is a psychic text service right for you?

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide. However, if you decide that you are better off with a phone reading, we have prepared another article which will guide you right through that.



Keep in mind that there is such a thing as email psychic reading, which is not entirely the same as text readings. Luckily, you can learn more about that here.

OK, so you think a psychic text service could be right for you? Great!

But deciding what to ask can be hard. So, if you’re unsure of what to type, try starting with one of these popular questions:

Popular Questions to Ask a Text Psychic:

Love life and relationships:

  • Is there anything I should know about my current romantic relationship?
  • How can I move towards finding love?
  • Is there anything I can do to strengthen my relationship with my partner/friend/sister/mum?

Bonus: If you want love and relationship readings specifically, this article will provide you with more information.

Career and finances:

  • Is there anything I should know about my current or future career?
  • How can I progress at work?
  • Are there any steps I could be taking to work towards financial stability?

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OK, so there we have it: 5 ways to get psychic readings by text, plus some extra information about what to look out for and what to expect. 

In addition to that, we have a guide on best online psychics which you can check out in this article.

Have you ever had a reading by text? Let us know in the comments!

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