“What is a medium? Are they psychics, or something else entirely?

Can they really receive messages from our loved ones on the other side?”

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone.

Of all the different types of psychic powers, it is mediumship that attracts the most attention. 

So without further adieu, let’s look at some of the most common questions about the intriguing world of mediums:

What Is a medium?

A medium is simply a person who has the ability to contact the spirit world.

And although people have different opinions on who resides in the spirit world, many people believe that mediums can communicate with:

  • The souls of people who have died
  • And a host of non-human entities like angels and spirit guides

In fact, the simplest medium definition is: ‘a person who is a vessel between this world and the next’.

So, how do mediums differ from psychics?

Psychic vs Medium

OK, so many people are confused by whether there is a difference between a psychic and a medium. 

But is there a difference?

Well, yes and no.

You see, mediums are a type of psychic. This makes perfect sense when we consider what the term psychics meaning.

So, what is a psychic?

Simply put, a psychic is a person who has psychic gifts

And psychic gifts are methods of perceiving information that is not available via normal senses.

Since contacting the spirit world requires extrasensory perception, this definition means that all mediums are psychic.

So, is it also true to say “All psychics are mediums”?

No. Whilst all mediums have psychic gifts, not all psychics are mediums. We also have a guide on psychics and their abilities which will help clarify things.

You may also be wondering:

  •  “What is a spiritual medium?”
  •  Or “What is a psychic medium?”

But the truth is these terms don’t mean anything concrete. They are just different ways in which some mediums choose to describe their gifts.

How Does Being a Medium Work?

There are two main classifications of mediumship: Mental mediums and physical mediums.

Both of these classifications of medium work in different ways, so let’s look at them one at a time:

Mental mediums

Mental mediums connect with spirits using their minds. They receive information using:

Once a mental medium has divined information from a deceased loved one, they can then pass this message on.

Now, physical mediums work in a slightly different way:

Physical mediums

When a physical medium connects with a spirit, they don’t just communicate internally. Instead, they become a vessel that spirits can control.

This means that they allow spirits to temporarily inhabit their bodies, where they can interact directly with the physical world.

This is a highly advanced gift and very few true physical mediums exist.

Now, if you’re interested in contacting a deceased loved one, you might be considering booking a reading with a spirit medium.

So, let’s look at what you can expect:

What Happens During a Medium Reading?

Like all psychics, individual mediums work in different ways.

However, there are some popular methods that a spiritual medium can use to contact the other side:

  • Séance– The word Séance comes from the Old French seoir, which means ‘to sit’.  During a Séance, the psychic medium leads a group of participants in contacting the dead.
  • Trance– Some mediums enter into a trance in order to make contact with the other side. During this trance, they may be physically possessed by a spirit, or they may receive mental messages that can be passed on.
  • Channeling– Channeling refers to the act of allowing a spirit to work through the medium. There are many ways in which this can be done, including automatic writing and physical possession.
  • Spirit Boards– Also known as Ouiji boards, spirit boards are tools used to contact the other side. By placing a glass in the center of a board painted with letters and symbols, an Ouiji board allows spirits to spell out messages.

Pro tip:  Ouiji boards can be dangerous in the wrong hands. It is therefore important that you don’t use one without the help of an experienced medium. 

Regardless of the method used, your medium will use their psychic abilities to contact the spirit world during your reading. This allows them to act as a link between you and any spirits that wish to make contact. 

Usually, your medium will begin by asking you if there is anyone you’d especially like to hear messages from. And you will usually be able to ask your psychic medium some questions (more about this later!).

It is important to remember that mediums cannot force an individual spirit to visit the physical world. This means that you may not get to speak to the person you seek.

Now that you know what a medium is, you might be even intrigued to become one. And if that is the case, read our instruction on developing mediumship skills.

Should I Have a Medium Reading?

Visiting a  medium is something that many people consider. And that’s not surprising given that their psychic abilities allow them to pass on information from our deceased loved ones.

But, it is still a big decision. 

Making contact with the spirit world can be an emotional experience, and you must be sure that you are ready to hear what your loved one has to say.

And, although spiritualist medium readings are generally safe, there are frauds and charlatans to avoid…

So, what should you consider before making your booking? 

Let’s take a look:

Do I need to speak to a medium, or would a ‘normal’ psychic be more suitable for me?

The type of psychic reading you need depends on what you hope to learn. 

Remember the difference between a psychic and a medium lies in whether they can contact the spirit world.

So, if you are interested in hearing predictions about the future, then a general psychic is best for youBut if you hope to connect with a lost loved one, then you need a medium, meaning someone who can receive messages from the other side.  

OK, what else should you think about before you make that call?

Is now the right time?

Are you ready to receive messages from the spirit world? Remember, there is no rush. Your loved ones will understand if you want to wait a while before seeking them out.

What kind of reading would you like? 

Online chat, phone, in person? There are plenty of choices, so pick a communication style you’re comfortable with!

Which medium should you choose?

It’s important that you find someone who is talented and that makes you feel comfortable. 

Don’t forget to read reviews to find out how useful other customers have found the information they’ve shared!

How often should I have a medium reading?

That’s completely up to you! Many people choose to only contact a psychic medium once at a time when they most want to receive messages from the other side. However, other people may want to hear from the spirit world more frequently.

Questions to ask a medium?

As with any psychic, a medium reading works best when you ask open-ended questions (at least initially!).

For example, you could ask:

  • Is there anyone in the spirit world who would like to speak to me?
  • Or, is there any information that the spirit world would like me to know?

Then, once your psychic medium makes contact, you can ask more direct questions like:

  • Can you tell me something only my mom/dad/friend would know? This will help you to determine whether your medium has really made contact with who they say they have.
  • Is my X at peace? Hearing that loved ones are happy on the other side gives many people a sense of closure.
  • What information would my X want me to know about my career/love life/ future plans? Messages of support and/or advice from deceased loved ones are welcomed by many people.

Where can I find a Medium Reading?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and book a reading? That’s great but you’re probably wondering where you can find a reliable reading, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our guide here. 


Q. What’s a medium?

A. We can define medium as someone who can contact the spirit world

Q. What happens during a medium reading?

A. During your reading, a medium will attempt to contact spirits on your behalf, in order to pass on messages.

Fun fact: there are many celebrity mediums that you can follow on social media or even contact.

OK, so we’ve answered questions like “What is a medium?”. and “What is a medium psychic”. 

We’ve looked at the meaning of medium gifts and even discussed the difference between a psychic and a medium.

Now all that’s left to do is wish you luck with your reading!

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