Getting a psychic reading online can be a great experience. But with thousands of options to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start.

And that’s why it is important to do your homework. You see, a real psychic advisor can offer you quality insights into your life.

But a fake psychic? Well, they can leave you you feeling confused… and more than a little ripped off.

So, let’s start by looking at some of the options for finding an online psychic to help you with your search:

Asknow has the best psychics of any website we have found.  Every reading I have got through the website created a profound impact on me, and it is now my go to service for psychic phone readings and video calls.

Additional features:

AskNow Rating:
5/5 is one of the longest-running psychic reading websites in the industry. It has a wide variety of psychics to choose from. And each of their psychics has been rigorously screened for quality. 

Additional features:

CrystalGazer score -
4/5 is one of the most popular psychic sites on the market. It offers customers a huge range of psychics to choose from. And with 3 free minutes available each time you try a new psychic, you are sure to find the best psychic advisor for you.

Additional features:

Kasamba score -
4.5/5 offers customers the opportunity to speak with psychics via webcam. They bill themselves as a ‘spiritual community’ and their advisors are certainly are numerous. The only downside? Some users report that they have experienced that their live stream has cut out.

Additional features:

Oranum score -
4/5 has one of the most rigorous screening processes for new psychics on the market.

Each new recruit must pass a 4 stage screening process, and only around 2 out of every 100 advisers are approved.

Additional features:

Californiapsychics score -
4.5/5 offers a great range of psychic advisors, all ready to provide readings by phone, email, or online. Plus, all their advisors are fully vetted before they can begin working with customers.

Additional features:

Psychicoz score -
4.5/5 is a platform for independent psychics. And that means that their screening process is much less vigorous than other providers.

So, if you opt for a psychic reading through, be especially careful to check your chosen psychics reviews.

Additional features:

Keen score -
4.4/5 is a relatively expensive service that offers phone readings and readings via chat.

Although $5 per minute is quite steep, they do have introductory rates for new customers (currently $1 per minute).

Additional features:

Hollywoodpsychics score -
2/5 offers the option to prepay for phone readings and offers an easy to use free horoscope. It is not clear from the website how their psychics are vetted.

Additional features:

Moonpredictions score -

The circle has been around since 1997 and they claim that all of their psychics are tested by a ‘rigorous monitoring procedure’.

Additional features:

Thecircle score -
3/5 does not believe in charging per minute. Instead, they offer readings in blocks of 10 minutes.

This is great for customers who want to know how much their reading will cost ahead of time. But it can feel a little limiting.

Additional features:

Meetyourpsychic score -

As you can see, there are a lot of online psychics to choose from. So, how do you decide which option is right for you?

Well, first we need to consider what makes a psychic the ‘best’:

What Makes an Online Psychic the ‘Best’?

The best psychics are talented, trustworthy, and legit. They know their craft and are committed to using their spiritual gifts for good.

Plus, they are willing to work with you towards your goals, whatever they may be. Types of psychic

And that means that the number one online psychic for you will depend on what you are looking for.

So, consider what kind of reading you’d like, starting with how you want your reading to be delivered:

Types of Online Psychic Readings

Some psychics advisors provide a simple report by email, whilst others offer more opportunities for conversation. And the best type of reading for you will depend on your needs.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of the different delivery options available to help you in your search for the perfect psychic reading:

Email Reports



Phone Readings



Online Chat



Video Chat



And once you have decided how you want your reading to be delivered, it is important to consider whether there is a specific type of reading you are drawn to.

You see, some psychics use divination tools in their readings. Whilst others will divine information from your palm, dreams, or even a past life.

So, let’s look at some of your options:

Psychic Reading

In a straightforward psychic reading, the psychic advisor does not rely on any tools.

Instead, they rely on their own abilities as psychic advisors.

Some may use their powers of premonition to explain future events. Some may be able to advise you on your love life or career goals. And others may be able to use their spiritual abilities to pass on advice from the deceased.

Now, you may be wondering if psychics can access the information they need over the phone. But don’t worry, a good psychic is able to tune into your energy, even if you are many miles away.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards date back to at least the 15th century, and they are still popular today. To provide a reading, psychics use a deck of 78 cards to reveal spiritual insights pertaining to love, life, and the future.

However, whilst many tarot readers are psychic, they don’t strictly need to be in order to read your cards.

In fact, with the right training, anyone can learn how to read tarot cards.

Astrological Reading

During an astrological reading, your psychic will create your individual ‘birth chart’ (also known as your ‘natal chart’).

This chart is based upon the time, date, and place of your birth. And it can be used to search for insights into your past, present, and future. And can give you the answers you need about love, your career, and your relationships with others.

Like with tarot cards, it is possible for individuals to learn how to give astrological readings. And people offering this service do not always have to have innate psychic abilities.

Numerology Reading

In numerology, significant numbers are used to tell your fortune.

These numbers may include:

  • the number of letters in your name
  • your date of birth
  • and even your house number

By studying the meaning of the significant numbers present in your life, a numerologist can help you to understand yourself better. And they can give you advice for the future.

Past Life Reading

During a past life reading, the psychic will uncover information about your past lives.

It is thought that by understanding your past lives, you can learn to understand yourself better. And this can help you in your life today.

Palm Reading

During this type of reading, a psychic advisor will study your palm to uncover secret truths about your life, and your future.

Though it is possible to learn the basics of palm reading, real psychic palm readers are able to use their gifts to uncover more than an ordinary person is able to see.

They may be able to see when you’ll fall in love, and even whether you’ll have children in the future.

Angel Card Reading

Like tarot cards, angel cards are used by psychics to tell your fortune.

They are believed to tap into the spiritual energy of angels who want to protect and love people, and they are most helpful in times when you are in need of advice.

Or Something Different

The world is a vast and mysterious place. And that means that there are almost endless options when it comes to online psychic readings.

So, if none of the above options appeal to you, spend a little time searching for a type of reading that feels right.

Of course, it’s not only the types of psychic readings that differ. There are different kinds of psychics to choose from too.

And, although they may use some of the same tools, these psychics work in different ways.

Types of Psychics


The word ‘clairvoyant’ actually refers to a psychic’s ability to see events. And alternative terms exist to describe the other senses. For example, psychics capable of:

  • clairaudience work through hearing
  • clairsentience work through feelings
  • and those capable of clairgustance work through taste

However, many modern clairvoyants use a combination of these skills during their readings.


In a clairvoyant reading, the psychic relies on their innate abilities to give insight into your past, future, and present life.


Mediums have the spiritual ability to communicate with the souls of the deceased. And they can use this ability to pass messages on to the living world.

These may be messages of love, or they could contain words of wisdom that can help you with an issue in your life.

Like clairvoyants, mediums have natural psychic abilities. And that means it’s not a skill many people can learn.

Because contacting loved ones is such an emotive subject, it is essential that you only use trusted mediums. Unfortunately, there are some fake mediums who look to take advantage of people desperate for contact from the other side.

So, protect yourself by checking reviews before you part with any cash.

How to Prepare for Your Online Psychic Reading

To get the most out of your online psychic readings, it helps to take the time to prepare.

First, find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. It is important that you feel relaxed during your psychic service, so try to pick a tranquil spot.

Then, concentrate on why you want a reading. Perhaps you are facing a difficult time at work, or are in need of some spiritual support and advice.

Next, work on channeling your intention to the universe. The clearer you are on what you seek, the easier it will be for the psychic to work.

To get the most from your psychic reading, it can help to prepare some questions that you might want to ask. So, here are some questions to get you started.

  • What are some things I should know about my career today?
  • How can I improve my future career prospects?
  • Is there anything you think I should prepare for in my career?
  • What are some things I should know about my love life?
  • What guidance can you give me about my current relationship?
  • What are some things I could do to find true love?
  • Is there anything I should know about my relationship with my family/friends?
  • How can I improve my relationship with my mom/sister/dad/best friend?
  • What are some questions I should ask in order to find the guidance I need?

Sometimes during a psychic reading, it can be difficult to remember what questions you wanted to ask. Especially if you are online or on the phone.

So, we advise you to write your questions down so you can concentrate on having the most positive experience possible.

But, how can you tell if an online psychic is legit?

How to Tell if an Online Psychic Is Legit or Not

Look, we get it. The internet is a big place. And it can be hard to tell whether an online psychic is legit.

But, whilst online psychic readings can be a brilliant way to gain insight and advice, a fake reading can be damaging (not to mention disappointing!)

OK, but how can you tell if an online psychic is real? After all, some frauds are quite convincing.

Well, it always pays to do your research. So, when you search for a psychic, consider whether the website you are booking through is legit first.

You can do this by:

  • Checking whether they screen their psychic advisors:

Sites that employ real psychic advisors tend to spend time vetting their employees. If a site doesn’t have a good screening process, there is no real way of finding out whether their psychics are legit or not.

  • Looking to see whether reviews of their psychic readers are easily available:

Companies that employ real online psychics are happy to share their reviews. Why wouldn’t they be?

After all, if their readers are good, they will receive positive reviews. And positive reviews are good for business.

However, if a company employs fake phone psychics, their reviews will be bad. And that gives them something to hide.

So, treat a lack of reviews as suspicious to avoid being taken for a ride.

  • Then, read reviews from other customers to hear about their experience

Reviews are the number one tool out there when it comes to finding real psychics. So try to read as many reviews as possible before you part with your cash.

And don’t forget to share your experiences with others. You see, by sharing your reviews, more people can experience the benefits of a real reading… and fewer people will be ripped off.

Free Online Psychics to Try

If you’re not quite sure what kind of reading you want, or you’re not 100% sure that a psychic is legit, it is a good idea to try before you buy.

Luckily, lots of psychics offer free online ‘tasters’, including:

  • Kasamba, which offer 3 free minutes with each advisor
  • Keen, which has free minutes available for new users
  • Oranum, which includes free minutes with some phone psychics
  • Psychicoz, which offers 1 free minute with each of its phone psychics

And there we have it: everything you need to know to select the best online psychic service for you!

But which provider of online readings is the winner?

Well, our number one provider is…


With 3 free minutes available every time you choose a new advisor, it’s hard to beat in terms of value. And with plenty of reviews easily available to view, it couldn’t be easier to choose the right advisor for you.

Plus, it has a fantastic array of services. So, whether you’re interested in tarot, astrology, or career predictions, there is a psychic reading for you.

Of course, Kasamba faces some stiff competition from Californiapsychics. After all, they have the most thorough vetting process for phone psychics on the market.

And with their huge array of services, Psychicoz is a close third place.

But overall, it is the ever-popular Kasamba that gets our stamp of approval.

Let us know if you agree in the comments!

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