Visiting a psychic can be a rewarding experience. But in order to get the most out of your reading, you’ll need to know what questions to ask and where to find best online psychics.

Of course, the best questions you can ask a psychic will depend on what you are looking for. 

After all, there is no point in spending a lot of time talking about your job if what you really care about is your relationship. Or about future children if you’re most interested in your career.

You see, most people book a psychic reading for a reason.

And that reason is unique to you – just like your reading should be.

Maybe you are at a crossroads with your career? Or want to know if your relationship is going to work out? Maybe you are just feeling a little lost and want some spiritual guidance?

The possibilities are endless…

But, whatever the reason for your reading,  it pays to be prepared. And that means thinking about:

  • What questions you ask AND
  • How you ask them

So, whether you have had multiple psychic readings, or this is your first time, let’s have a look at where to start:

Consider Why You Want a Reading

The reasons for booking a reading with a psychic are vast. Some individuals choose to have a psychic reading because they are curious about the future. Others want answers about something happening in their life right now.

Likewise, some people are very clear about the type of questions they want to ask. Whilst others simply feel drawn to having a reading done.

It’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong here. It is simply helpful to be clear about what you want before you begin your reading. That way, you can plan your questions in advance, and get as much from your time as possible.

You may also want to try out a question or two before paying for a service. This is why we created a guide on free psychic offers and you can check their offers here.

Also, some psychic services are cheaper than others and we do have a list of low budget psychic readings as well.

So, in order to be prepared, ask yourself:

  • Am I at a crossroads in any aspect of my life?
  • Am I worried about my career, love life, or relationships?
  • Do I have any concerns about the future?
  • Is there anything I’d like help to achieve?

Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s easy to plan the questions that will get you the answers you most need.

But Feel Free to Ask Questions About Multiple Topics

Whilst it is a good idea to be clear about the questions you want to ask, the purpose of a  psychic reading is to help you on your spiritual and earthly journies.

And that means that you’re free to ask your psychic multiple questions, about multiple different areas of life, during your reading.

So, if you have covered your career, don’t be scared to ask a question about your relationships or partner too!

Ask Open-ended Questions to Your Psychic

Whether you are looking for answers regarding your love life,  your job, or a relationship within your family, it is best to avoid asking closed-ended questions.

You see, the type of questions that require a yes or no answer are, by their nature, limiting. And this can prevent a psychic from accessing all the information available to them.

However, if you ask open-ended questions, a psychic is better able to gather information from their guides, the universe, and/or the spirit world. 

And similarly, if they are providing a reading via tarot cards or other divination tools, they can give you a much broader interpretation of what is revealed.

Don’t Be Too Specific

OK, I know we just told you to ask specific questions. But there is such a thing as being too specific.

You see, like closed-ended questions, super-specific questions like: “How can I become CEO of X company?” can be limiting. 

However, if you instead ask: “What steps can I take to reach my career potential?” a psychic will find it much easier to guide you towards your goal.

And remember, it is unusual for psychics to be able to give precise dates and times for events. Everything has an impact on the future. In fact, even attending your psychic reading can influence what events take place, and when.

So, instead of asking for an exact date for your wedding… try phrasing your question in a more open way.

Avoid Rephrasing Your Question… Even if You Don’t Like the Answer

Look we get it, sometimes when people ask a question, they want a specific answer.

And sometimes, anything other than that specific answer can be difficult to swallow.

But psychics can’t just tell you what you want to hear. That wouldn’t be fair, or helpful in the long run.

Imagine the following situation:

You visit a psychic and ask “Is there anything you think I should know about my current relationship with my partner?”.

Despite feeling a deep connection with this person, you have been having some doubts about your compatibility.

Sensing that you want to hear that your relationship is good, your psychic tells you “Your current partner is the love of your life and I foresee a long happy future for the pair of you”. 

You leave happy, right?

But what happens if your relationship goes downhill? What if you become unhappy, but don’t leave because you trust what your psychic told you?

What if you miss out on meeting the real love of your life, all because a psychic didn’t want to upset you?

It’s a scary thought.

You see, in the long run, getting the answer you want, rather than the answer you need, can be harmful.

And that is why it’s so important that psychics are honest with you… even when the truth hurts.

So, if you are given an answer that you don’t like, don’t be tempted to waste time rephrasing the question. Instead, remember to keep an open mind and trust in the guidance given to you.

However, there are sometimes questions that are best left unanswered (at least for now). And that brings us to our next point:

Don’t Ask a Psychic a Question if You Don’t Want to Know the Answer

Sometimes, we’re simply not ready to hear the answer to a question- and that’s OK.

So, if know that you will find it difficult to hear that a romantic relationship is headed nowhere. Or that your first choice of career isn’t going to work out… let your psychic know and avoid asking questions related to this topic.

Your psychic advisor will understand, and you can always revisit next time you have a reading.

Still not sure what questions to ask during your psychic reading? Well don’t worry, here are some free psychic questions to get you started:

Questions to Ask a Psychic About Your Career

What are some things I should know about my career today?

This open-ended question is specific enough to guide your reading towards an area of your life you are interested in. And specifies that you want advice that will help you in your life now.

But, because it is broad in nature, it allows your psychic to search widely for answers that may help you.

For example, when you ask this question in a psychic reading, you might discover:

  • That you are on track with your career goals OR
  • That you need to work on your relationship with your co-workers OR
  • Even that you should consider looking for a new job that better matches your psychic energy

How can I improve my future career prospects?

Again, this question is open-ended and just specific enough to ensure you get the answers you need.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to get actionable tips that can help guide you towards success.

Is there anything you think I should prepare for in my career?

This question offers the perfect opportunity for you to discover whether there are any career surprises on the horizon.

Maybe an opportunity for promotion is coming your way, or perhaps you are headed for a difficult spot. But whatever the case, it’s good to be prepared for what’s to come!

Questions About Your Love Life

What are some things I should know about my love life?

For many people, the relationship they have with their partner is one of the most important things in their life. And an opportunity to learn more about love is one that shouldn’t be missed.

The great thing about this question is that it applies to people who are single, dating, and happily married.

And by keeping things open-ended, it’s possible for psychics to provide helpful information that you might not know you are searching for.

What guidance can you give me about my current relationship?

Whether you are happy or facing issues with your heart, it is good to hear what the spirit world has to say about your relationship. Finding a love psychic reader can be challenging and that is why we have an article completely dedicated to this.

But beware, you might not always receive the answer you’re hoping for.  Now a psychic is unlikely to advise you to leave a relationship if you’re not ready. But they may suggest that you could find a more fulfilling partner elsewhere.

And that’s why it’s important to remember that you don’t have to ask a question before you are ready. So, if in doubt, wait until you feel comfortable dealing with this aspect of your life.

What are some things I could do to find true love?

Ah, true love! That feeling of being at home within a relationship. Knowing that your partner is the one. That they are your soul mate…

It’s a relationship that many people crave, and it is one that psychics are often asked questions about.

So, whether you believe that true love comes once in a lifetime, or if you feel that it is something you can experience time and time again with different partners, don’t be afraid to ask a psychic for some steps you can take to find your perfect partner.

Questions About Your Family and Other Relationships

Is there anything I should know about my relationship with my family/friends?

The relationship we have with our family and/or friends is important. And this open-ended question allows you to discover what the spirit world wants you to know about these treasured relationships.

Maybe someone close to you is facing a difficult time in their life. Or maybe a misunderstanding is affecting a treasured relationship you have.

Whatever you find out, it is sure to help you to make the most of your relationships. And who wouldn’t want to know if someone close to them needed help?

How can I improve my relationship with my mom/sister/dad/best friend?

Sometimes, we find that our relationships are not as strong as we might like.

Maybe we have grown apart from a dear friend, or find that an argument has left a bitter atmosphere within our family.

So, if you want to improve on a relationship within your family or social group, take the time in your psychic reading to find out how.

However, it is important to understand that some relationships are broken beyond repair. After all, for a relationship to work, both members must be on board.

If this is the case, a psychic may be able to offer an insight into what went wrong, but they cannot control the lives of others.

And Here’s a Bonus Free Psychic Question, Just in Case You’re Not Sure What You Want to Know:

This free question from psychic experts is perfect for when you have no idea what question to ask…

Are you ready for it? Here we go, our bonus question is:

What are some questions  I should ask in order to find the guidance I need?

You see, this question has the potential to open your session up to questions you don’t know you have.  And this can help you to discover the wisdom that the universe wants you to know.

And there you have it, our article listing everything you need to know about asking questions at your psychic reading- we hope you enjoyed it!

Now, remember, your reading is meant to help you.

So, use this guide, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if there is anything you don’t understand.

And if you have any additional tips, let us know in the comments!

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