Once upon a time, the only way to find psychics offering phone readings was by checking the back pages of magazines and newspapers.

But today, you can book a psychic reading in seconds, using a simple Google search.

And with services offering competitive rates, cheap psychic readings by phone are easy to locate… if you know where to look! 

So if you have questions that only a psychic can help with, and you want to find clarity in your life, this guide is for you.

Additionally, if you are looking for best psychic readings online, be sure to read all about that in this article.

But first, what is a telephone psychic and how do they differ from face-to-face advisors?

What is a Telephone Psychic?

If you’re new to the psychic world, you may be wondering what a telephone psychic is. Are they real psychics, or just people reading scripts?

Well, the answer is simple:

Phone psychics are exactly the same as psychics who offer readings in person!

This means that some are talented and trustworthy. Whilst others are frauds.

The only difference is in how they operate. You see, psychic advisors who offer readings by phone may never meet their customers in person. Instead, they tune into a person’s energy over the telephone.

Impressive, right?

But before you rush out to buy a psychic reading, you’re probably wondering: “What happens when you phone a psychic?”.

Let’s take a look:

Phone Readings 101:

Before you pick up the phone ready for your reading, you’ll need to choose the best service for you (more on that later!).

Then, you’ll need to:

  • Choose your preferred advisor
  • And request a phone reading

How you go about booking a reading depends on the service. For some, you simply dial the extension shown. For others, you’ll need to request a callback.

Most providers expect you to provide a payment method before your reading begins. But how calls are charged can vary. Many online psychic services allow you to prepay for a set amount of minutes, whilst others charge your card automatically after your call ends.

So, what happens once your reading begins?

Once your call begins, it’s normal for your advisor to spend a moment or two getting to know you. Why did you book a reading? What do you hope to discover?

Then your reading will begin.

What happens next depends on what type of reading you have booked.

For example, if you have chosen to speak to a psychic medium, your advisor will attempt to contact the spirit world. If you’ve opted for a tarot card reading, your psychic reader will begin to draw cards.

Then, before your session ends, you should be given time to ask some questions. Remember, it is your reading, so don’t be shy!

Why Might You Choose to Speak to Psychics Over the Phone?

People enjoy speaking to psychic advisors over the phone for many reasons, like:

  • They find it less nerve-wracking than speaking to someone face-to-face
  • There is a greater range of psychics to choose from
  • And you don’t have to waste time searching for ‘psychic readings near me’.

But are psychic telephone readings as good as a reading conducted in person?

Let’s consider the evidence:

Which Option is Best: a Psychic Reading Over the Phone OR in Person?

Speaking to psychics on the phone is just as effective as having a reading in person.

And that’s because talented advisors are able to ‘tune in’ to a person’s energy no matter where they are.  During a psychic reading by phone, this process often involves tuning in to a person’s voice. Whereas face-to-face sessions may involve focusing on facial expressions and body language instead.

Now you might be wondering: “Does removing the option to use facial expressions and body language put telephone psychics at a disadvantage?”.

And the answer is, not really. After all, visual clues can be distracting. So, listening only to your voice may actually allow your advisor to build a stronger connection with you. 

But, isn’t it difficult to convey your questions during a telephone reading?

In our experience, no. Telephone psychics are professionals and they are used to making people feel at ease.

With that being said, if you are particularly uncomfortable speaking over the phone, you can easily find online services where you can ask a psychic a question via email, chat, or even via text which is explained in this article.

Now, while we believe that there are some definite advantages to choosing an online psychic, reading is an individual process. So, it’s important to choose the format that suits you best.

OK, so you’re happy to talk to psychic readers over the phone? Fantastic!

Keep reading to find out what you need to know to make sure that you get the reading you deserve:

How to Find the Best Phone Psychic Readings:

When you’re looking for psychic readings, it’s important to do your homework.

This means researching different services and different psychics.

So, where do you start?

Step 1:  Research psychic services:

Many different psychic services exist. So to narrow them down, we suggest reading guides like those found on our website. 

Step 2: Compare psychic advisors:

Even after you’ve found the right service, choosing the perfect psychic is hard. Many psychic websites have 100’s or even 1,000’s of advisors!

So what should you do?

  • Start by narrowing down advisors that offer the type of reading you want. After all, its no use speaking to a psychic medium if what you’re really looking for is an expert in numerology!
  • Then, look for advisors within your price range. We have a special guide on inexpensive psychic readings or even free psychic readings
  • Once you have this list, you can start checking profiles for reviews. Try to choose someone who has a great track record, and avoid psychics with multiple poor reviews.

OK, so you’ve chosen your service, and you’ve handpicked your favorite advisor. It’s time for your reading now, right?

Not quite!

Before you pick up your cell, it’s best to do some preparations:

How to Prepare for Phone Readings:

Psychic readings work best when you are relaxed, so consider:

  • Where will your reading take place? Try to choose somewhere quiet and without distraction
  • When will you have your reading? Try to avoid scheduling your reading for a time when you’ll feel rushed.

Then it’s time to consider your questions:

What Questions Should I Ask During a Psychic Phone Reading?

During a psychic reading, it is best to ask open-ended questions like:

  • What would the universe like me to know about my love life/career/relationships?
  • What steps can I take to improve my career/relationships?
  • If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be?

That way, communication lines are wide open and your reader can hone into your energy to provide the guidance you most need, without being limited by yes/no answers.

Now if you’re wondering where to start your search for psychic phone readings, we have a few suggestions for you to consider:

Where to Find a Phone Reading Psychic:

Finding a psychic service can be tough, so to save you some time, here are 5 good options to get you started:

Psychic Source has been offering a psychic service for over 30 years, and they claim to have 1,000’s of happy customers. Plus they boast a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Read our full guide on Psychic Source.

As a platform for independent psychics, Keen sometimes gets a bad rep. But what they lack in screening they more than make up for with their comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

Read our full guide on Keen.

As a platform for independent psychics, Keen sometimes gets a bad rep. But what they lack in screening they more than make up for with their comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

California Psychics is a popular service that provides a valuable service to those who want to explore their past, present, and future. Plus, they really raise the stakes when it comes to screening their employees. And when only 2 out of every 100 advisers are approved.

Read our full guide on California Psychics.

Now, all that’s left to say is good luck on your psychic journey. 

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

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