When we think about mediums, we often assume that they’ve always known about their gifts. But I’m going to let you into a little secret…

Many people don’t realize they have psychic powers until later on in life.

For some, this realization comes on suddenly. Perhaps brought on by a life-changing event: a near-death experience or the birth of their first child.

For others, the knowledge of their abilities comes in a trickle, not a tsunami.  It starts with simple curiosity: “what is a medium, anyway?”.

Eventually, these idle Google searches turn into questions like: “how can I become a medium?”.

And that’s when you land on articles like this one!

So, whether you’re just starting to think about becoming a medium, or if you’ve been considering exploring your natural abilities for a while, we’re here to help.

Let’s start with the basics:

Mediumship 101

Even if you’re new to the world of psychics, you’ve probably heard of mediums before. After all, they account for much of the psychic content on both Television and film.

But whilst movies like ‘Ghost’ are popular, they don’t necessarily help you in your journey towards learning mediumship.

So, what exactly is a medium?

What Is a Psychic Medium?

Put simply, a medium is a type of psychic who is able to contact the spirit world. This includes speaking to spirit guides, angels, and spirit people. As well as contacting deceased loved ones.

OK, but how does it work?

How Does a Medium Work?

Like all psychics, mediums work in different ways. For example: 

  • Some hear spirits speaking, whilst others just know what they want to say.
  • Some use special tools like spirit boards in order to make contact, whilst others rely only on their innate gifts.

And that means that part of the mediumship development journey is learning what works best for you (more on that later!).

You can also check some of the best online medium readings so that you can compare their abilities and services.

OK, ready to learn how to be a medium?

Fantastic! Let’s look at what you’ll need to succeed:

Your Mediumship Training Tool Kit

Now, whether you’re thinking about becoming a medium later in life, or you’ve just left school, there are a few things you’re going to need if you want to train to be a medium:

  • A strong will to succeed

Building psychic skills takes a lot of work. And this means that you’ll need to have the dedication to keep on working (even when progress seems slow!).

  • A strong sense of self-preservation

Being a medium is a huge honor. But it can be emotionally taxing too. So, before you start asking: “How do I become a medium?”, consider whether you have the capacity to put yourself first.

Remember, a psychic can’t help their customers if they are burnt out from too much spiritual work!

  • A cautious attitude

When you are exploring mediumship, it is important to be cautious. Generally speaking, the spirits you encounter will be safe.

However, there is concern that using Ouiji Boards can attract… unsavory characters.

So, we advise that you avoid this type of tool in your training.

  • A willingness to learn

Training to be a medium takes a lot of hours of studying. So, dust off those reading glasses and get ready to hit the books! 

Luckily, we have another guide on developing psychic abilities that can come in handy for learning the basics.

OK, are you ready to start training? Great, keep on reading

How to Become a Psychic Medium:

Before you begin to learn mediumship, it is important to engage in some self-reflection:

Step 1: Determine Your Existing Psychic Skills

If you’ve found yourself drawn to the world of psychic mediums, it’s likely that you already have some form of psychic ability.

And this isn’t as unlikely as you might think. After all, most people have some psychic ability, even if they have never chosen to explore it.

Now as we mentioned earlier, psychic mediums work in a variety of different ways. So, before we delve deeper into how to develop medium skills, it’s a good idea to see what type of mediumship you’re most drawn to:

Mental Mediums

Most mediums today are what is known as ‘mental mediums’. This means that they contact spirits using the power of their mind.

Usually, this type of medium uses one or more of the following gifts to communicate with the spirit world:

– Clairvoyance  the ability to see visions within the mind’s eye

– Clairaudience  the ability to hear spirits within the mind

– Clairsentience the ability to feel what a spirit is feeling

– Claircognizance – The ability to simply ‘know’ what a spirit wants to say

It is possible that you already have an inkling that you’re capable of one (or more!) of these gifts. But if not, try to think back over your life. Have there been any occasions where you’ve known something you shouldn’t have known? How did this message reach you?

Perhaps you heard a whisper telling you your sister needed support? Or saw a vision of your kid’s school right before they called you to say they were sick?

Make note of this, it could help you on your journey towards becoming a psychic medium.

Physical Mediums

True physical mediums are rare. And if you have this gift, it’s likely that you’re already aware of it.

You see, a physical medium has the ability to physically channel spirits. This means that spirits can move and talk through them.

Now, this form of spirit communication can be learned. But only if you have strong existing potential. 

Usually, the people who have the unmanifested potential for this type of channeling have subconsciously chosen to block it. And that’s not surprising giving that physically channeling a spirit is exhausting for both the body and mind.

Because of this, we don’t advise that you try to unlock physical medium ability at home.

Instead, if you believe you are capable of developing this ability, we recommend that you find training with an established practitioner.

Tools for Channeling

When someone asks: “How does mediumship work”, one of the first things they are likely to find is a list of psychic tools.

And that makes sense as there are plenty of tools that mediums use in their practice.

But, it’s not as easy as simply picking up one of these tools and starting a conversation with your loved one. You need to build your abilities first.

That being said, it’s a good idea to know what options are out there. And some people even find that they are pulled towards one tool in particular.

So, what kinds of tools are out there? Let’s take a look:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Crystal Balls
  • Candles
  • Spirt/Ouiji Boards

OK, so you’ve thought about what type of ability you might have. And you’ve considered whether you are attracted to any particular tool. What’s next?

Step 2: Meditate

The spiritual world vibrates at a higher frequency than our bodies. And that’s why meditating is so important if you want to learn how to become a spiritual medium.

You see, by meditating, we naturally raise our own vibration levels. And this helps us to access our psychic abilities, as well as opening up communication lines to the other realm.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure where to start, try a guided meditation like this one:

Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!)

Step 3: Do Some Research

Learning how to be a medium takes work, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

So, if you’re wondering how to become a medium online free, consider utilizing:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Youtube videos
  • And your local library

Don’t forget to write down what you learn! That way you can return to it at a later date. 

You can sometimes even learn some tips and tricks from famous mediums.

Step 4: Practice Your Senses

No one can become an expert medium without practice. So, it’s a good idea to start now.

Try to find somewhere quiet relax. What can you see, hear, and feel? 

By completing this exercise you help build your intuition and awareness.

And as you exercise your psychic muscles, you should find that you notice more from the spiritual world. But don’t be disheartened if this takes a while.

Step 5: Find a Mentor or Take a Class

Once you have flexed your psychic muscles, it can be helpful to find a mentor or take a mediumship class. That way you can pick up hints and tips from practiced advisors.

But what if you don’t want to involve other people in your journey? Can you become a medium alone? 

Well, yes. But it can be quicker (and more enjoyable!) if you have other people to compare notes with.

Step 6: Try Contacting Spirits

The first time you attempt to contact spirits can be nerve-wracking. So, it is important not to rush this step.

But when you’re ready:

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths
  • Then, tell the spirits that you are open to hearing their messages (you can say this aloud, or in your own head)
  • Next, concentrate on sending out welcoming energy (it can help to imagine a warm light radiating from your chest)

If you are ready, a spirit might come through with a message. If not, don’t worry! You can always try again later.

Step 8: Consider Sharing Your Gifts with Others

Once you have mastered the art of mediumship, you can begin to help others by:

  • Offering your services as a mentor
  • And/Or setting yourself up as a professional medium to help people contact their loved ones

Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to making a living as a psychic: Online psychic jobs: How to make money as a psychic online

Now, we’ve covered the steps you’ll need to take to develop your psychic abilities. But you probably have some more questions, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can anyone become a medium?

A. Yes. However, just like the sporting prowess, the potential for psychic ability varies between people. This means that some will find that they can develop stronger mediumship than others.

Q. Is it possible to become a medium quickly?

A. Well, that depends on your natural abilities. However, most people find that training for mediumship is a slow process.

Q. I want to be a medium, but I’m worried it will be too hard?

A. Learning to be a medium can be difficult. But once you have unlocked your gifts, contacting spirits becomes easier.

And there we have it! Our guide to honing your mediumship skills.

Have you successfully mastered a psychic skill? Let us know in the comments!

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